Richardson ISD JJ Pearce High School

RISD J.J. Pearce High School
RISD J.J. Pearce High School
RISD J.J. Pearce High School

The renovations to the existing 10,140 sf library at JJ Pearce High School will support next-generation learning focused on student collaboration, engagement and advanced learning through the support of interactive technology. The design results in a highly modern and bright learning space that compliments the school’s commitment in providing future-ready learning spaces for all students and multiple learning levels.

Open learning spaces positioned in throughout the re-imagined library include various instructional areas including one large class size (70 students) and two medium class sizes (35 students), in addition to smaller, flexible collaboration areas equipped with soft seating and furniture. Technology rich device bars and teaming tables are positioned in between each large instructional area creating quieter spaces for student individual and group project work. Three private, yet visible, student collaboration rooms are included to support project and group activity focused on three primary learning principles; DESIGNING, MAKING and CREATING.

The relocated and re-sized library’s support spaces include the LITE (Library Information Technology Educator) Office, additional offices for counselors, a multi-functioning Work Room and space for library technology support. These spaces are consolidated to the south allowing for a more open, connected and flexible use of space that easily accommodate a variety of student group sizes through the use of flexible and modular furnishings.

The re-imagined renovation also establishes a new brand for the legacy school that reinforces school color, the Mustang mascot while inspiring passion for collaborative life-long learning, critical thinking skills and curiosity for innovation and entrepreneurial skills.