Adolfo Flores

Meet Adolfo Flores, our next aspiring Architect! Adolfo is also married to Karen Flores and when he is not being a father and a husband, Adolfo likes to barbeque on his 250 gallon off set smoker! Sounds amazing and delicious too! When he can, Adolfo likes to watch the Texas Rangers play with something cold in his hand.

One day Adolfo would like to retire to Verona Italy. Adolfo doesn't have a particular or favorite movie but if Top Gun, The Godfather, or Pure Country is on, he will be watching!!!

Adolfo Flores
Adolfo and Karen have two kiddos, Aubree and Axl. Aubree is a sweet six year old girl and Axl just recently turned one year old. Like many of our partners, Adolfo and Karen are part of a growing family!

Adolfo was born and raised in Dallas and loves his city and Texas. As an Architect, he wants to have a mark on this city and make it even better than what it is today!

Since going Glenn|Partners, Adolfo has contributed on the new Athletic Field House for Byron Nelson High School and the upcoming Student Innovation Center for Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep. Adolfo is currently working with Nick Nepveux on the design for Dallas ISD’s Hawthorne Elementary School, where Adolfo’s mom currently teaches and where he went to school as a young child.

To learn even more about Adolfo, check out the following fun facts!

Favorite Food


Favorite Movie

No real favorite movie (TV show – Chuck or How I meet your Mother)

Favorite Music

Red Hot Chili Peppers | George Strait

Most Exotic Place Visited

Castle in Switzerland

Happy Place

Any kind of water with a beer in my hand, (kiddy pool, real pool, lake, ocean)

Favorite Hobby

Barbeque | Wood Working

Favorite Architect

Tom Kundig

Favorite Building

Farnsworth House (before Architecture School) / The Pierre House (Present)

What Inspires You

Architecturally, Seeing a building in its inception when its is raw and exposed.

Fun Fact

At the age of 16 I had a cornea transplant.

First Moment when you realized you wanted to be an Architect

Working on Victory Plaza, That’s when I knew I wanted to design and build.

Favorite Quote or Saying

Would you tell me please which way I ought to go from here? That depends a good deal on where you want to get to. I don’t much care where – then it doesn’t matter which way you go.