Craig Poor

Always of an explorative mind, Craig finds fulfillment in discovery and learning new subjects. Whether it be a nature documentary or a science podcast, Craig always seeks to learn a new fact for the day. While studying at the Oklahoma State University's School of Architecture, Craig branched his studies into many diverse subjects including, 19th-century German history, conservation of natural resources, 19th-century art history, history of rock and roll, and international beverage education. His love of exploration pairs with his love to travel. Some of his favorite adventures include skiing the Rockies in Colorado, camping in swags in the Australian Outback, and scotch tasting through the Scottish Highlands.

Craig Poor
When Craig isn’t learning, he likes relaxing with his dog Louie, having a cocktail by the pool, biking the trails of Dallas, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with his nerdy friends.

Craig also has a keen interest in computer graphics, modeling and animation programs. Craig leads our computer rendering efforts while also exploring other virtual reality programs and hardware devices that can further enhance the client experience in support of new architectural discoveries and design.

During his time at Glenn|Partners, Craig has been involved in the design for Fort Worth ISD’s Amon Carter Riverside High School along with time spent on Southern Methodist’s Westcott Soccer and Track Complex.

To learn even more about Craig, check out the following fun facts!

Favorite Food


Favorite Movie

I can’t talk about it (Fight Club)

Favorite Music

Modest Mouse

Most Exotic Place Visited

Australian Outback

Happy Place


Favorite Hobby

Skiing and Biking

Favorite Architect

Renzo Piano

Favorite Building

Sydney Opera House

What Inspires You

Seeing others being creative

Fun Fact

I have “saved 2 lives”, once by giving the Heimlich to a friend in 3rd grade, and saved someone from drowning in 10th.

First Moment when you realized you wanted to be an Architect

I didn’t realize it until its too late. Senior year, my most challenging classes were ones with projects and deadlines. Those were the classes I liked. Graphic Design, Yearbook, Art, Calculus.

Favorite Quote or Saying