Grace Pham

Meet Grace Pham, our newest and most experienced Senior Interior Designer. Grace brings more than 15 years of experience and attributes her career in the design industry to her brother. While in college, she visited his studio and was intrigued by all the models and drawings. This led her to pursue her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design while at Harrington College of Design in Chicago. She was completely fascinated learning about Zaha Hadid’s futuristic designs characterized by organic shapes and sharp angles. Zaha reminds her to think out of the box, take chances, and be confident as a woman in a male dominant field.

Grace is an accomplished designer with experience in a variety of project types. She is involved in projects from start to finish and works on all aspects of design while developing a very close relationship with her clients and consultants. She has a complete understanding of a project’s process from design through construction. She is engaged in multiple projects at a time and is continuously expanding her technical skills and knowledge.

Grace Pham
"Nothing is impossible!"

During her time at Glenn|Partners, Grace has been working with Patrick Glenn and Greg Estes on the Northwest ISD’s new Administration and Annex Buildings.

To learn even more about Grace, check out the following fun facts!

Favorite Food

Tacos & Pasta

Favorite Movie

Steel Magnolias

Favorite Music

All Genres except Country

Most Exotic Place Visited


Happy Place

The Outdoors

Favorite Hobby

Hiking, Traveling, Cooking

Favorite Architect

Zaha Hadid

Favorite Building

Too Many

What Inspires You

Traveling and Nature

Fun Fact

I have hiked 2/3rds of the 65 National Parks!

First Moment when you realized you wanted to be an Interior Designer

Can’t remember exactly when but I always knew I wanted to design “things’.

Favorite Quote or Saying

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”