Meet Roxie Glenn! She brings so much joy to the office! Throughout the day, you can find her stopping by everyone’s desk to say hi and to get some pets and belly rubs. She is our office greeter and is always happy when friends, consultants and clients stop by for a visit –and especially happy if they bring some tasty treats!

Every once in a while, her partner in crime, Pooter, will join her for the day at the office. Roxie reminds us it is the simple acts of kindness that are meaningful, to take a deep breath when Revit decides to crash and to go outside every day to enjoy the fresh air.

Mom and Dad are suckers for my happy dance and puppy dog eyes! Mom is always up for a walk and Dad practically gives in every day when I ask for a

Unlike some canines, Roxie doesn’t always enjoy car rides, especially the long ones. Whether it is headed to meet family or friends, the destination has always been worth it though. Roxie shares her parent’s joy for traveling too. Just this past year they spent spring break in Colorado and her favorite memory was playing in the snow!

You can find Roxie at Glenn|Partners almost every day of the week. While she is in the office, Roxie likes to take long naps, sunbathes in the open design studio area and consoles our staff during stressful moments and project deadlines.

To learn even more about Roxie, check out the following fun facts!

Favorite Food


Favorite Movie

The Secret Life of Pets

Favorite Music

Who let the dogs out

Most Exotic Place Visited

Beaver Creek in Colorado

Happy Place

Snuggle Time on the Couch

Favorite Hobby

Neighborhood walks with my Mom

Favorite Architect

Mom and Dad

Favorite Building

The Ritz Carlton, Bachelor Gulch

What Inspires You

Walks and Treats!

Fun Fact

I have a brother named Kit and when we were just three weeks old, we were left on the doorstep of the Dallas Humane Society. A week later, I was adopted!

Favorite Quote or Saying

"Are you ready for snuggle time?""