Shahrzad Rokn

Meet Shahrzad Rokn, (pronounced Sha-Zad), one of our most recent architectural designers. Born in Tehran in 1993, Shahrzad pursued her Bachelor's degree in architecture before moving to Toronto, Canada in 2015. During her time in Canada, she worked for an international architecture and design firm for 5 years, where she gained extensive experience in designing commercial and mixed-use projects. In 2021, Shahrzad decided to take her career to the next level by pursuing a Master's degree in Architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington. 

Her goal is to enhance her leadership skills and become proficient in managing and leading a project. Shahrzad is also eager to develop her presentation and client management skills, as she aspires to work directly with clients. Aside from her professional interests, Shahrzad is a sociable and outgoing person who enjoys meeting new people from different cultures. She loves painting and watching movies in her free time. 

For Shahrzad, architecture is more than just a job or a major; it is a passion that she is deeply committed to.

Shahrzad Rokn
"An idea is salvation by imagination." - Frank Lloyd Wright

During Shahrzad’s time at Glenn|Partners, she has been working with Patrick Glenn and Aaron Ewert on early planning and design concepts for Northwest ISD’s new High School 4. 

To learn even more about Shahrzad, check out the following fun facts!

Favorite Food

Persian or Italian 

Favorite Movie


Favorite Music

Deep House

Most Exotic Place Visited


Happy Place

By the pool with friends and family

Favorite Hobby

Swimming, shopping and going out with friends.

Favorite Architect

Frank Lloyd Wright 

Favorite Building

Thorncrown Chapel and World Trade Center Transportation Hub 

What Inspires You

Diversity of Cultures and Lifestyles that impact everything including Architecture. 

Fun Fact

I completely understand Turkish just by watching some movies without going to any classes or any other background. 

First Moment when you realized you wanted to be an Architect

Deciding pursuing science or math majors in my high school, I decided math because I loved mathematic problems, but at the same time I was obsessed with art, painting and doing collages in school. So, at that moment I knew I could get both sides in Architecture. Also, going on trips with families I was always paying attention to architecture and spaces, especially in different cultures.

Favorite Quote or Saying

"Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness." Frank Gehry