Victoria Richter

Meet Victoria Richter, one of our Architectural Staff members. Victoria is new to Glenn|Partners and recently graduated from Oklahoma State University School of Architecture.

Victoria is originally from Russia but moved to Oklahoma when she was twelve. Since her background is so diverse, Victoria speaks Russian, English, German, and Spanish. During her high school years, she was a competitive rower and broke several records.

Victoria Richter
"As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown."

In her free time, Victoria enjoys playing with her dogs Sophie and Rex, cooking traditional Russian recipes, playing on the piano, and painting. She has also recently joined Urban Sketchers in Dallas and continues to produce artwork for Tulsa Medical Society Annual Fundraiser.

During her time at Glenn|Partners, Victoria has been working on design and planning for NISD Middle School 7 and University of Dallas Masterplan. Both projects are currently in schematic design phase.

To learn even more about Victoria, check out the following fun facts!

Favorite Food

Russian Borscht

Favorite Movie


Favorite Music

The Lumineers

Most Exotic Place Visited

Basel, Switzerland

Happy Place

At the Park with the Dogs

Favorite Hobby

Playing on the Piano

Favorite Architect


Favorite Building

Church of the Light

What Inspires You


Fun Fact

I set a world record, rowing for 30 hours on an ergometer.

First Moment when you realized you wanted to be an Architect

Traveling around Europe with my parents has inspired me to want to learn more about architecture.

Favorite Quote or Saying

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."